Snoozing is a feature we built so you don’t forget about messages you don’t have time for in the moment.

How to Snooze

On Mobile

  1. Find the message you wish to snooze.

  2. Swipe from left to right on a teammates’ message to snooze a message.

  3. Select the amount of time you wish to snooze the message.

Snoozing a message

On Desktop

Although this feature does not currently exist, we're working on adding it. Stay tuned!

Note: You may also see your full conversation with your teammate by tapping their avatar and then swiping from left to right on any message they have sent you.

Snooze Options

  1. Later: This will bring the message back after 2 hours from the time you snooze.

  2. Tomorrow: This will bring the message back at 9 am the following day.

How to Quick Reply
How to Un-Snooze a Message

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